Jacqui Nguyen is an Emmy Award winning journalist. She began her television reporting career at KMIR-TV, the NBC affiliate in Palm Springs, California. Nguyen was a fill-in weekend anchor and reporter. During her time at KMIR, Nguyen interviewed former President Gerald R. Ford, President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush. Nguyen was the reporter during Thanksgiving weekend in 2000 when Palm Springs Police officers busted actor Robert Downey, Jr. for drugs possession in a Palm Springs hotel. You would often find Nguyen on the front line  covering top stories such as the arrest of Joseph Edward Duncan III, the alleged killer of 10-year-old Anthony Martinez of Beaumont and the devastating Esperanza Wildfires in 2006. She also reported for CNN and MSNBC while covering those stories for KMIR.

Nguyen seized the opportunity to move back home to San Diego after she began working part-time at KGTV, the ABC affiliate while still working in Palm Springs. She made the transition to San Diego in early 2007. FOX 5 came calling in 2008 and Nguyen worked there for a year before she left the business to pursue a career in politics.

In 2009 and 2010, Nguyen worked on several political campaigns including running and managing them from the ground operations to providing on-air consultation for the candidates. Nguyen nabbed several on-air tv interviews for one candidate who ran for State Assembly in 2010.

Nguyen is a reporter and field producer in addition to working in public relations and marketing. She's been named as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Asian Heritage Awards Gala held in August 2011 at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa.  

These days, you can also find Nguyen going back to her roots as a tv reporter. She reports for XETV San Diego 6 the CW and for VNTV, the Vietnamese-language television in San Diego. Her stories for VNTV air on Wednesday and Sunday on Time Warner Channel 19.

Nguyen is married and lives with her husband, Mathew, in San Diego.  


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